Barbara Maher is the founder and CEO of The Spirit of Women movement! The TSOW movement celebrates and supports all women with programs and events so that no woman feels alone, incomplete or living their life in the shadow of someone else.

‘I love working with women who are committed to making positive changes in their lives and by doing so enrich not only their lives but the lives of their family, friends, and their daughters.  It is the dawn of a new era~ for women’

Many of my friends and associates are entertaining the idea of retirement; I am not nearly ready to take that path yet. I feel that there is so much more to do and choose to embrace opportunities as they are presented.

I wake up every day grateful and full of energy (I am not a coffee drinker!) looking for opportunities to create, share and work with women.  I love to coach women and feel blessed to witness their moment of ‘awakening’ to a more positive life (body, mind and spirit). I also love to bring women together at conferences, retreats, on line programs and through special travel and tour experiences.

Reaching this time, and with this passion, in my life did not arrive without a few dark paths. After tearing down my ‘White picket fence’ and finding herself starting life over after 40; with no career,  a high school education and drastic changes in my financial resources my life was sent into a tail spin- and I lived in a constant state of fear and shame. I turned my world around by tackling one challenge at a time and then amazing things started to happen.

I completed a Bachelor or Tourism Management Degree (tourism and business) that helped me to create events, tour guide and develop workshops. I also studied Holistic Medicine practices for two years (ancient wisdom and women studies my favourite modalities).  The result was the marriage of two worlds– business practices and traditional healing.

BC_Community_Achievement_AwardMy education, training and experiences lead to being recognized as a community leader-Citizen of the year as well as a provincial recognition-BC Community Achievement Award.

Today I lead workshops, seminars, events and public engagements that focus on women searching for their purpose. My expertise lies in helping women whose lives have been impacted by divorce or loss of loved one and especially women who are asking themselves “is that all there is?”

I continue my personal studies and growth by attending training programs and working with a mentor who helps me keep on track with my personal and professional dreams and goals.

I believe:

Life is what you make it- so make each moment count!

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